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A lot of the programs I’ve reviewed lately are by people I’ve never heard of, and to be frank a lot of them say the same basic stuff as everybody else, just in other words…

And even when the info is “good” and helpful, it’s just kinda hard to get excited about it because I just feel like I’ve heard it all before…

And here’s the dirty little secret about purity culture.

Despite its lofty claims, A 2005 survey of 12,000 adolescents found that those who had pledged to remain abstinent until marriage were more likely have oral and anal sex than other teens, less likely to use condoms, and just as likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases as their unapologetically non-abstinent peers.

In the book “The Unguide to Dating,” authors Camerin Courtney and Todd Hertz write, “There is one practical issue that, for our money, rises to the top: Where are all the men?

Both anecdotally and statistically, the disparity in the ratio of single women to men in the church is alarming.” The duo goes on to list statistics and theories as to why women outnumber men in the Christian dating world.

In other words, even if one can somehow deny one’s sexual desire for the sake of purity, it will likely end up causing more harm than good.

The negative consequences may not show up in outbursts of physical violence, but it will show up somewhere, somehow.

One of them is Maggie’s that was gifted to her while Montana worked for her.

She shows you how most women often misinterpret things that guys do and say because men and women really do think about this stuff very differently.

And, what’s cool is that Marni is able to explain why guys do the stuff they do, and their motivations in a way that is really empowering.

Therefore, Patty, your question is actually a hot topic.

According to Findthe, a data-driven comparison site, here are statistics for some of the most popular sites: Christian Mingle (38% male and 62% female), (49% male and 51% female), e Harmony (33% male and 67% female) and One Good (52% male and 48% female).