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As a part of a Big Data project, we are often asked to find the best way to track the changes applied to the database tables, so that, no requirement is created to load all the huge tables to the data warehouse database at the end of the day, if not all of the data was changed.The first available option in SQL server for tracking the changes are the After Insert, After Update and After Delete triggers, that requires coding effort from your side in order to handle these changes or added data, in addition to the performance impact of the triggers on the system.i can see the DATA of the tables using "Sys Tools MDF Viewer 1.0" (working link), but that's just for viewing, not for recovering the data.

SQL Server Change Data Capture uses the SQL Server transaction log as the source of the changed data using asynchronous capture mechanism.The procedure used to recover a damaged master database is different from the procedure used to recover user databases.If the master database becomes unusable, it must be restored from a previous dump.A damaged master database is evident by the failure of the SQL Server to start, by segmentation faults or input/output errors or by a report from DBCC.An example of an error might be damage caused by media failure in the area in which master database is stored.