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In that case the term is also often abbreviated as futa(s), which is occasionally also used as a generalized term for the works itself.

Japanese folk religion created diverse fantasies related to sexual characteristics.

Going about with his normal life and rescuing Spirits is one thing, but with each new encounter and new Spirits to save, there is always some type of new hardship on Shido's mental health, since he has to deal with the opposite gender, with which he does not have much experience dealing.

Shido has the looks of an average young man in high school.

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He has straight blue hair and bands down to his neck and amber brown eyes.

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With the only explanation from her being that only he can save the Spirits, Shido reluctantly joins due to his nature to help and save people in need.The only gameplay system is choosing which girl you want to talk to, and the game itself is centred on dating the heroines. In today's language it refers almost exclusively to characters who have an overall feminine body, but have both female and male genitalia (although testicles are not always present).By abnormalities that occur simultaneously, Shido, trapped in the cyber world.As for Tohka who came over to save Shido, she got trapped in the cyber world too, in the same way.