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Read more Who hasn’t tossed and turned in bed the night before a big date trying to account for all the things that could go wrong?

Your usually reliable car might refuse to start, you might hit traffic and miss your dinner reservations, or you might not notice... Seventeen years ago today we showed up to the online dating party.

To become more successful when dating women, you need to take a journey that will teach you a new perspective. Only by learning, applying and internalizing the techniques and ideas from thist course, you will start seeing results You will start attracting and dating the type of woman you like. If I ever dared to show the slightest romantic interest in a girl who was my friend, she freaked out.

It’s not a level playing field, and there’s no point pretending it is.

But having a larger body is not a deal-breaker — though it may seem so.

The only way to prove to yourself that yes, you can be succesful with women is to apply immediately what you learned from this course. And you will keep her attracted to you (without tricks). And she started a long talk, explaining how and why she saw me only as a friend. I was desperate to find out what was I doing wrong.

Some of the ideas and methods will be counter-intuitive at times. She assured me that I was a good guy, a good person. I played it safe, I played it nice, but it still happened. After going several times through the same type of experience with different girls, I decided I had enough of this. Why were the women I dated not interested in me as a lover?