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The modern Borough comprises twelve communities with individual identities, characteristics and histories.

The Longford River was excavated in the 17th century to feed the fountains and ornamental ponds in Bushy Park and Hampton Court Park. It is often referred to as “the County Town of Middlesex”, because this town was the place where the Middlesex County Parliamentary Elections were held during the 18th and early 19th centuries.Passengers, in danger of missing their flights, struggled to get to the airport as London Underground laid on buses to cover the closed stations.Some passengers used special rail buses from central London while others switched to the Heathrow Express.Mr Pasricha told a London newspaper, he had seen the victim "slumped in a pool of his own blood" and that there was blood on the end of the cue which had been left lying on the platform.The police investigation into the incident meant there were no Tube services in and out of Heathrow airport from the start of the day until 12.25pm as the Piccadilly line was closed between Heathrow and Hounslow Central.