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" Asuka screamed as Unit–02 dropped its weapons and began running at Heavyarms, with no strategy in mind, just revenge. " Unit–02 raised its clenched fist and came out of nowhere, and slammed Heavyarms so hard it was sent flying into a nearby hillside, wrecking the hill and collapsing it around the now disabled Heavyarms."Get away from my baka Shinji, you scheisse! He needs to get back here for treatment." Shinji started."Just shut up about it! "" Shinji said.–––Duo stood in shock staring at the newly arrived Unit–02.

As a result, both she and Kyoko Zeppelin Sohryu are very much alive, and their influence on the story has turned virtually the entire series on its head, in some ways that are predictable (Shinji is more well-adjusted, though not so different from his canon counterpart as to be totally unrecognizable) and some ways that really, into a classic Super Robot show, with plenty of humor and action and giant robots beating the stuffing out of equally giant monsters.Please contact us if you have found inappropriate content.A Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Mobile Fighter G Gundam Crossover: IT'S A GUNDAM! * The cast of Gundam Wing meet our young heroes and befriend them in this tale of how those who understand, those who fight, those who doubt, and those who pass by, can claim victory against the forces of evil reborn. "Time to die, fuckers…"However, as Asuka was taking aim, Unit–01 was still besieged by the three remaining Gundams, and had taken a great deal of damage. "The other two Gundams backed off and retreated a short distance away. ""Pulse is weak, blood pressure is pretty low, but stable, I'm guessing he's lost a fair amount of blood. " Unit–02 lifted its arm and pointed at Wing Zero and Deathscythe. It was moving a bit slower than usual with the heavy weapons that it was carrying. It grabbed the Positron Rifle and Gatling and moved towards the battle raging just outside the city."Hey, Misato…" Asuka asked. """"Yeah, yeah, I'm moving." Asuka said as Unit–02 broke into a run, heading straight for the fight.