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His iconic Working Man porn trilogy (Kansas City Trucking Company, El Paso Wrecking Corp, and L. Tool & Die) depicted blue collar men with undefined sexuality exploring sex with other men — which famously inspired generations of gay men to embrace their masculine side, and take on what eventually became the “clone” look — mustache, blue jeans, sunglasses — that has resurfaced in every decade since the 1970s. One of the key themes I always do is someone having sex for the first time with another person of the same sex, because that to me is what conflict and drama is and all that stuff. ” Because I don’t want to just see two beautiful guys falling in love. Basically we have it down to what we think of as a perfect science, although it’s not because things change every day and we have to flip things around. I have another Joe Gage Sex Files in the can and I’ll probably start cutting that soon.

Joe followed those films up with Closed Set, still the most brilliant all-sex gay porno ever made. Do you listen to the criticisms people have about your movies? I take them all seriously because everybody has an opinion. Is that preference for not having the guys be explicitly gay-only informed by your own experience sleeping with men and women? Other people who criticize my films don’t like the intergenerational stuff. For a Mexican-American, I’m very Germanic in my approach to work. Then towards the end of the summer I’ll probably shoot another one of those, and then another big Joe Gage movie.

Dill, highly regarded as a person and performer, got his start in gay XXX in 2003.

His individual look and sexual expertise won him immediate recognition.

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