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Foxx recalls Potier telling him "I want to give you responsibility…When I saw your performance, it made me grow two inches." It was then that Foxx said he completely fell apart.In her first television interview, Jamie Foxx's 18-year-old daughter Corinne opens up about introducing her father to her boyfriend.Find out why she was nervous—and how Jamie feels about his daughter's choice in men."To this day, it’s the most significant time in my life where it was, like, a chance to grow up." The outcome of said intervention?Jamie Foxx went on to win The Oscar for Best Actor.

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“So the driver drove her home to her Chelsea apartment.”Though sparks were clearly flying between Katie and Jamie, 45, when they danced together to — who he once said “changed the projection of my career” — on the line, it’s no surprise the new couple want to keep things quiet. On Tuesday, Jamie Foxx sat down with Howard Stern and talked about how, years ago, Oprah Winfrey staged an intervention to curb his party-boy ways.Foxx was nominated for an Academy Award for his performance in the movie Ray in 2005.He said she took him to Quincy’s house to show him the significance of his behaviour. “We go in this house and there’s all these old actors.