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He won’t truly open up to you and you will notice this in his frequent, yet shallow phone calls and text messages.He communicates way too much, most of the time his text/ voicemail messages sound more like a personal monolog than a genuine interest in getting to know you.So the idea of getting all hot and heavy on the phone just doesn't do it for me (maybe if we'd actually done something for real, I could get into it).But right now it's just awkward and I just wish he'd stop.

On the other hand however, I’m scared that if I hold back and try to be more aloof she’ll think I’m not into her or her feelings will fade.

First of all, I want to thank all my followers who send me emails for advice which gives me great blog topics to write! If I haven’t answered you by writing a blog, I will reply to your email within 7-10 days. A common theme in recent emails I’ve noticed is women dating men who come on way too strong in the beginning. This is because they got too excited too fast and then crashed and burned.

It’s an eerie, stalker-like, artificial feeling that emerges in our guts when we date a guy who is just doing way too much! Unfortunately, when they crash and burn they get bored and ghost you. They are kind of like sprint runners or adrenaline junkies.

This is my first real, genuine relationship and I’m terrified of screwing it up this early on with my insecurities, but I can’t seem to stop focusing on these two fears. —Torn Anna says: Dear Torn, Has your girlfriend said anything to you about this?

Caught you scoping wedding registries or picking out matching grave plots?