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We recommend training to get you moved from desktop to XERO to get the basics right. Over 26,000 businesses have entrusted Jet Convert to convert their data in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. It helps organizations manage their money, pay their employees, and pay their bills.Solution 3: (only if you are running NOD32 Antivirus Software) Open NOD32 antivirus & disable IMON functionality. If you continue to get the same error proceed with solution 4 Solution 5: Go for a clean install.once done restart the computer && open Quick Books. Note: This step is important, you need to run as Admin. Facing problem with Quick Books online to Quick Books desktop conversion? After you complete this process, you will get an email with steps you need to follow to complete the export conversion within 24 hours.We offer dedicated support needed to resolve the numerous issues faced by Quick Books users.My Digital Payroll strives to build a trustworthy and transparent relation with our customers and thus offers a 24X7 support to the associated customers. Please call – 1-855-723-9621 We do provide support for all versions of Quick Books like – Quick Books 2017, Quick Books 2016, Quick Books 2015, Quick Books 2014, Quick Books 2013, Quick Books 2012, Quick Books 2011, Quick Books 2010, Quick Books 2009, Quick Books 2008, Quick Books Enterprise, Quick Books Premier, Quick Books Payroll, Quick Books Basic Payroll, Quick Books Pro, Quick Books Enhanced Payroll &Quick Books Point of Sale etc.. How to Fix this Error -6000,-100 There can be more than one solution to to this problem. once done try opening Quick Books, If you continue to get the same error proceed with solution 2 Solution 2: rename file.Whether you're looking for direction in getting started, or tailoring your Enterprise to fit your specific businessneeds, our U.

Every QXpress user has something in common - they all use Quick Books!A Xero survey shows that on average new businesses that start – only 49% are in business after 5 years. Jet Convert is now offering to take away that pain from the changes.In contrast, businesses that have a Xero Partner as their trusted advisor – 88% are in business! If you don’t have an advisor and want training and support, then Contact Us. We will help you get those Xero benefits faster and hasslefree. Get tips and methods to save hundreds of hours in bookkeeping. Ask them first please) Choose a single training session, or check out our great value multiple sessions. Xero sponsors a free conversion to make the move from desktop to the cloud painless, fast and free.But Quick Books is also a fairly complex application.This complexity means that Quick Books is prone to having problems.