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If you’re looking for swim-up rooms in Greece our top picks this year are Sensatori in Crete and the Holiday Village Rhodes.

The Sensatori Crete’s come equipped with a terrace and sun-warmed loungers, while the Holiday Village in Rhodes is perfect for both couples and families – everyone can enjoy swimming to breakfast in the morning.

Minorities send more text messages and make more calls on average than their white counterparts.

Parents with children under 18 in the home are also keen users of the cell phone.

Single parents: Being a single parent is challenging enough.Start with kid-friendly hotels (swimming pool included), and then sprinkle in a tuk-tuk ride through the streets of Bangkok, a football match with Maasai tribesmen or sailing down the Nile in an Egyptian felucca.Who needs a ball pit and a buffet when you’ve got the whole world to play in? These trips are for families only (including any aunts, uncles or cousins who’d like to come along, of course).At the last Republican Convention, vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan got in on the act, bemoaning college graduates who returned to childhood bedrooms plastered with “fading Obama posters.”Moving back in with the folks used to be a white flag of defeat.But attitudes are shifting, as a record 57 million Americans now live in some sort of multigenerational configuration.