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To add new records to a database you use an append query, and to delete whole records from a database you use a delete query.

Note: You cannot run an update query in a Web browser.

Once completed troubleshooting, start the service back up again. Run the coredbutil program and click the button to Build Components.7. Notes: The dbrepair program can be downloaded here: update metaobjattrrelations set tablename = 'Client Sec Sol' where tablename = 'UNMODELEDDATA' and metaattributes_idn = (select metaattributes_idn from metaattributes where def = 'Fingerprint Reader Detected') If the result that says “1 row affected”, The Inventory Service on the LANDesk Core Server MUST be restarted.

First make sure the is properly registered by doing the following steps on the LANDesk Core Server: 1. In the command prompt browse to \Program Files\Landesk\Management Suite3. Ensure it states the dll register succeeded Next run dbrepair to clean up unmodeled data and coredbutil to check the database structure. Additional Troubleshooting: If the error description contains a table other than Unmodeled data then it is possible there are metaattributes pointing to nonexistant columns.

Hi , I'am getting this message "Row cannot be Located for updating.

Some values may have been changed since it was last read."when I try to add a new row for a table in Enterprise Manager.

When you need to update data from one table to another, consider the following rule: the data types for the source and destination fields must either match or be compatible.

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Of course make a backup of the database first before deleting anything.

In order to remove the attributes, the corresponding METAOBJATTRRELATIONS row must be removed first, then the METAATTRIBUTES row can be deleted.

The best place to go is back to wherever the software was purchased.

I tried looking the order items up on their unique record number (primary key), then I tried on their order number, item name and colour (a unique set of values).

It's always the same item(s) in a given order, but for different orders it will not be the same item, colour or row number as other orders.