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" data-expand="-10" / “The extraordinary vehicles of the POPULAR Monte Carlo type are tied to ŠKODA’s successful motorsport involvement 80 years ago, which had begun in 1901,” says Andrea Frydlová, Head of the ŠKODA Museum in Mladá Boleslav.

“The limited-edition series was directly derived from the one-off vehicle built for the Monte Carlo Rally in 1936, their buyers benefited from the experience of ŠKODA’s racing department.” In January 1936, ŠKODA achieved an unusual success in motorsport: The team Zdeněk Pohl / Jaroslav Hausman was virtually unheard of, however, they finished in second place at the Monte Carlo Rally in the Mladá Boleslav’s tradition of manufacturing engines is even longer than its tradition of manufacturing automobiles.

" data-caption="The luxurious interior of ŠKODA vehicles was covered with high quality leather.

The position of the gearstick is also indicative of the progressive transaxle concept.

exploded on the foreign theatrical circuit over the July 4 weekend, commanding 9.80 million -- nearly million more than estimated on Sunday -- in its resounding No.

, which topped foreign box office last weekend, finished in second place internationally this time, grossing .1 million from 19 territories, down by nearly half from the opening session.

Foreign cume for director-coscripter John Lasseter’s animation adventure comedy stands at .2 million while the worldwide total gross is 8.3 million. The biggest markets are Mexico (cume .4 million), Russia (.6 million), Brazil (.8 million) and Italy (.2 million).

The rich Delta soil is sprouting golf courses, and if all goes according to plan, white retirees will soon be moving in.

Meanwhile, blacks, Tunica's majority, are not sharing in the boom and are under financial pressure to leave the land that their labor transformed from a vast swamp Tunica County, Mississippi, was notorious as the poorest county in the poorest state in the country even before 1985, when Jesse Jackson declared that he had found "America's Ethiopia" there.