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(Read more on that HERE.) "That was definitely kind of fake," she admitted, "but the stuff with [Justin and I], it was a fine line of real and fake, because we definitely had real feelings for each other and what we were going through was real, but what we were going through in real life we didn't talk [about] on camera.

So, what we were going through on the show was different than the real life stuff." "No, I mean, we worked a lot together and we traveled a lot together, so we had a lot of hours together and we became really good friends," he explained.

Some stylists point to the fact that face shapes can be mixed. Yes, in some cases faces can take on more than one shape.

It is also true that some facial shapes will change over time due to a variety of reasons from weight gain and loss to hormonal fluctuations, illness and age. If you look at her photos through her various weight gain and loss periods you will notice that her face alternates between appearing round and oval.

We know Demi's a fan of body art, but her new lion hand tattoo is a change from her usual teeny-tiny inkings.

Aside from Heidi sucking (a sentiment also shared by Anderson Cooper), Audrina, 24, talked about her own foray away from reality TV in her new film: "On the movie, I went to my acting coach twice a week and memorized all the lines," she says of appearing alongside Rumer Willis in the slasher flick , you show up for an hour, say what you want, then leave." Truly, it is an adjustment to act for real instead of only 90 percent. Another one, that I got a nose job, that I got a chin job, cheek implants, I mean my whole face," she says of false gossip.There are many controversial topics in the world of hair from defining the best products to use to how often you should shampoo your hair.Face shape is another controversial area with some experts believing in classic face shape typing and others believing there is no such thing as a true face shape."So, there were points where there'd be romantic spots where we would get romantic and be very comfortable, and then I think life and working elsewhere other than the show kinda just pulled us apart.We were mostly friends for the most part." "Before that even happened, Kristin and her boyfriend and me and Justin would go on double dates and we'd go to parties, so it was really weird for me," she confessed.