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John Wall, Damian Lillard and Kyrie Irving all fit the requirement of being true game-changers and are young enough to grow with this team. I’m not advocating for either but if a Woj Bomb dropped that Jackson was in deal for Payton or Russell, that could be intriguing.

Obviously they’re flawed but both are more in line with their career peaking along side of the remaining Pistons’ core. Point is, we’ve seen the best of Jackson and there is no denying his ability but that ability is tapped out and has an expiration date sooner than his teammates.

NEW YORK – It was moments after the media had cleared the visitor’s locker room at Madison Square Garden Monday night.

Detroit Pistons point guard Reggie Jackson wasn’t made available during media availability following the 109-95 loss to the New York Knicks.

His return was supposed to spark the 11-10 Pistons towards the upper tier of the Eastern Conference. You can see just from the numbers that Jackson’s lack of explosiveness was a huge damper on his finishing around the rim.

For NBA nerds world wide, the looming trade deadline is a never-ending argument of what teams need, don’t need, who sucks, who doesn’t suck, who says no, and money that isn't theirs. While trade talk is certainly fun, if the Pistons aren’t trading for a singular player that has the ability to change the trajectory of this team or someone who can grow with the core, they shouldn’t be partaking in talks this year. At best, replacing Jackson with any one of those players will ultimately lead the Pistons to an alternate route of getting beat in the second round.

We’ve seen point guard names like Eric Bledsoe and Ricky Rubio floated around over the past couple weeks. Jackson’s taken a lot of heat from the Pistons’ faithful and has since been involved in fake trade discussions on Twitter and in message boards internet wide. We’d be stuck in mid-2000’s Atlanta Hawks’ purgatory. So what’s the point of including Reggie in any deal that would net one of those point guards in return?

Chris Paul and Kyle Lowry are too old, cross them off.

You can take PG super-duper stars off your list as well.