Who is dating on dancing with the stars

So even though neither have confirmed as much, it’s hard not to wonder if Kordei and Chmerkovskiy are dating after meeting on , and with the way he and Kordei kill it on the ballroom floor every single week, with sexy and virtually flawless moves, it’s not totally odd to suggest that Chmerkovskiy and Kordei may be a thing now. Like inside and outside of rehearsal, he's helped me in so many ways.

Of course, there’s the whole age gap thing, though, with Kordei’s 21st birthday right around the corner and Chmerkovskiy having just turned 31, but the behind the scenes photos on Just Jared Jr., it’s hard to ignore that if there’s something going on between Kordei and Chmerkovskiy, it would make total sense. Like even at the first one, I overthink a lot — and, ultimately, when we watch our videos after every live show, we are super proud because we know how hard we worked. Whether Kordei and Chmerkovskiy are dating or not, it’s still been fun to watch their dynamic both on and off the ballroom floor and if their high scores are any indication, fans will be watching them for the duration of the season.

Curtis, who is paired with Thalia Heffernan and Emily, who was with Hughie Maughan before his elimination last night, have been officially together for more than year.

Speaking exclusively to RSVP Magazine, Curtis revealed “We started going out on November, 21 2015- so we have been together for a year and two months “We used to dance together when we were 12 years old and I never thought that I would see her again. “To be fair, we haven’t done a lot of touring because of the dancing.

On the show, Kordei has playfully said that Chmerkovskiy isn’t her type and that she’s not into him, but it's always possible this could be just a red herring (or maybe just wishful thinking on my part).

Even during rehearsals, the pair seem to be so in tune with each other that it’s hard to ignore.

"That was the perfect example of taking something, and choreography that’s very simple, and executing it beautifully," said Julianne Hough. I felt emotion, I enjoyed watching it, I didn’t feel like nervous.

"Besides the connection that you guys share, that is out of this world amazing, you brought something special tonight.Though the Australian native hasn’t shared much about her personal life, she does have a romantic history.Paul’s worked with Andy Grammer, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Lopez, so the guy definitely has some moves.Obviously so much of that is wishful thinking, but for some of them, like Bonner Bolton and Sharna Burgess, the chemistry is so strong when they’re dancing that it makes you wonder.But they aren't the only couple to stand out on the ballroom floor when it comes to chemistry. The duo have seemed so hot together since the beginning of the season and although there have been other couples with similar fire between them, it’s hard to ignore that maybe, possibly, eventually, something could happen between these two.