2 way free mature cams

They are used by just about every serious hunter and deer manager I know and they’re probably the most important advancement in deer hunting equipment since the compound bow.

Yeah, trail cams are fun to use, but when utilized correctly they can dramatically increase your chances of taking a mature buck.CHARLOTTE — Virginia Tech wide receiver Cam Phillips sauntered to his interview table clad in attire more befitting a Hollywood awards gala than ACC media day.His velvet double-breasted blazer was shimmering bronze in color with peak lapels outlined in black.Setting Up Cameras Now you’re ready to actually set up the camera in the woods. And most mature buck hunters believe in scouting, especially if you can do your scouting without disturbing the woods. Virtually every shooter buck we’ve had on our property in the last 10 years has shown up on camera sometime or another.To effectively identify bucks, you should have at least one camera for every 50-100 acres.