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You will start with max respect, max vehicle and weapons skills, max stamina and lung capacity, max gambling skills, and the whole state without blockades. You can access Area 69 anytime you want through the air vent. Look at the and look for the "s" next to a mission to see which missions can be skipped using the keys ACTION and GROUP CTRL FOWARD anytime. This feature is disabled by default only for the missions that are listed as skippable in the Sweet's Girl: Press the SPECIAL CTRL LEFT button anytime. Mountain Cloud Boys: Press the SPECIAL CTRL LEFT button anytime. Green Goo: Press the SPECIAL CTRL LEFT button anytime.

Most interiors are accessible with their icons on the map (except safehouses, you will have to unlock those). All parked Karts, Vortexes, Combines, and Tractors are unlocked in the beginning. All of Easter Bay Airport's airplanes and helicopters are unlocked. You can control the crane at any time at Easter Basin. Robbing Uncle Sam: Hold the YES key after the cutscene ends. Mike Toreno: Press the ACTION GROUP CTRL FOWARD buttons when the batteries timer shows. Intensive Care: Press the SPECIAL CTRL LEFT button anytime before you resure Johnny.

They started whispering low as she grabbed the phone and put her money in .

Dialed and got no dialtone no nothing , she sighed and looked around.

Urban legends are a specific class of legend, differentiated from “ordinary” legends by their being provided and believed as accounts of actual incidents that befell or were witnessed by someone the teller almost knows (e.g., his sister’s hairdresser’s mechanic).

These tales are told as true, local, and recent occurrences, and often contain names of places or entities located within the teller’s neighborhood or surrounding region.

If you don't want me to include your mod in my mod, then post here. If you have ANY questions that are not in the Read Me, then post here.By contrast, legends are accounts of purported incidents involving ordinary people in more recent times.Although both types of stories are told as true, they are not necessarily believed to be literal truth by either the tellers or their audiences.All non-mission properties are buyable from the start. Trucking, Lowrider, Race Tournaments, Bike School, Boat School, Quarry, and the Import Export Crane will be available in the beginning. at the Los Santos police station (available after the mission "Los Desperados" )Parked FBI Truck at the Los Santos police station (available after the mission "Los Desperados" )In certain missions, you can skip the long trip by pressing YES while in a vehicle. It will disappear once your wanted level is less than six. Interdiction: Press the SPECIAL CTRL LEFT button anytime. Madd Dogg: Press the NO button anytime.| Press the ACTION and JUMP buttons to activate this mod. This mod will not work if either Multi Mod or the Get High Mod is activated.There are many added parked locations for vehicles in San Andreas. The following missions have this: OG Loc Madd Dogg's Rhymes The Green Sabre Badlands Body Harvest Lure Photo Opportunity Ice Cold Killa Interdiction Explosive Situation You've had your Chips Don Peyote Misappropriation Cut Throat Business Get a six-star wanted level. It will chase you and will try to kill you using its rockets. This mod links you to many interiors that are not linked to the outside world.