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When she’s not hanging out with Ri Ri and Xtina, she’s part of a trendy set of US musos you’ve probably never heard of either (Creep, Holly Miranda, Diplo, anyone? ROOTS AND CULTURE Sia’s folks, Phil and Loene, were members of Adelaide-based rockabilly band The Soda Jerx. Sia is currently unsigned and has spoken of a turbulent relationship with management, telling an interviewer that one of her early managers was actually a coke dealer to the rich and famous: ‘I asked myself at the time, “Why do all these top celebrities know the words to my songs?

Her boyfriend Dan, her ‘first true love’, was killed in a traffic accident in London a week before Sia was due to meet him here. In 2000, her single ‘Taken for Granted’ was a top ten hit in the UK. ” Turns out, my managers were playing my songs while getting high with their celebrity clients.’ DIVA FEVER Sia’s big break as a songwriter came in 2010 when she wrote ‘Bound To You’ for Christina Aguilera to sing in the film .

She has long been open about her bisexuality, telling the Australian gay and lesbian site Same Same that she sees past gender when it comes to love.

"Before I was actually successful I’d always said I’ve always dated boys and girls and anything in between.

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After From “Breathe Me” to “You’ve Changed” — which, I’m obsessed with that single, it makes me smile every time I hear it — it’s like being on two opposite ends of a great pop universe.

For the uninitiated, you might be surprised to learn that Sia's been working in the industry for over 20 years.She relocated to London anyway and moved in with his Australian housemates, where she spent six years trying to come to terms with his death.also treats her Twitter account like a personal news service, alerting fans to appearances, video and song releases, confirmation of collaborations and more.Sia: I guess I’ve become more jaded and cynical in regards to the music industry.I understand how the machinery works and it’s not actually about putting out a good song, it’s really about good marketing.