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“When we walked into the room to work with her, the first thing she said was, 'Pentatonix, it's such an honor to work with you guys,' and we just melted to the floor, because we're such huge fans.

Scott Hoying is a well-known singer, lyricist, and musician who were an establishing individual from the vocal gathering Pentatonix.

But while he didn’t mention his sexuality in the video, the 20 year old wrote an insightful comment explaining that just because a straight-identifying man wants to experiment with a person of the same sex, he’s not automatically homosexual and people shouldn’t “be scared if [they] like a thing.” “I’m so glad you guys liked the video, I think.

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But considering their multiplatinum-selling success, Grassi’s openly gay identity has impacted all corners of the world—even the most intolerant, homophobic ones.

The topic of the 20-year-old You Tuber’s sexuality has come up quite a bit since he created his mytoecold channel what he was doing by uploading said vid featuring Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying from Pentatonix; homeboy has to get the clicks!

But even though the young adult admitted to crushing on the openly gay Mitch and even kissed him on camera, he never actually addressed the question he asked in the title.

Kevin gets less attention because he censors himself. But i searched other King songs and the voices don't match up so I'm just really ugh I don’t know whether this is a confession or not, but in the ptx fandom it’s almost frowned upon if you’re not happy 1200% of the time.

You never see his naughty side, the stuff you tell your closest friends, the crushes on girls, etc. I’ve seen it happen to other people who are open about being depressed especially on twitter people avoid them, and it almost makes me and others feel like we’re fighting alone and silently.