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She sat up to listen, and I trailed my fingers over her thigh, eyes down, nervous as a teenager.

Read On Added: | Category: Spanking | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 2,705 | Tags: ff discipline arousal | 3 Comments 18-year old bad boy brought in line by aunt by discipline and cross-dressing Large families were common in the North East of Scotland.

Because those new to spanking may look to this article for some guidance, Sharon wishes to make it clear that she believes safety precautions are extremely important and in actuality she did do what was necessary to safeguard herself, although that impression may not be given here. Do I sense "little" inconsistencies in what we've been discussing? If something bothers you about the guy, DON'T ignore feeling and DON'T meet him. Do I have one friend with whom I can share that I am meeting, to whom I can tell his name and phone number, someone who will check to make sure I've arrived home at the predesignated time?

Here are a few safety tips for anyone considering meeting with a stranger: 1. If the answer is no, has he been honest about the reason? If you are in a personal situation where you feel you can trust no one, FIND SOMEONE. Women "in the scene" need to watch out for each other.

If I call him at "work," does it sound like a "real" business? Is he willing to meet me in a public place for a completely "vanilla" encounter? For years I had secretly harbored a fantasy of being spanked like a little girl, as an adult.

I don't know why, but God just seemed to wire me, a thirty year old female, that way when he made me.