Octogenarian couple finds love through a dating web site

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A very special engagement photo has gone viral, showcasing the head-over-heels love of a 70-year-old retired schoolteacher and 67-year-old retired florist — an Adventist couple who attend the First Seventh-day Adventist Church in Huntsville, Alabama. So everyone was under the impression that I wasn’t even interested in anyone at church. So yeah, Lucinda, I like that word: “blindsided.” Danita: That might have been due to the fact that you all kept it under wraps for a while. Mainly because we were still talking and getting to know one another. Murphy: On occasion we would coincidentally approach the same group of people at the same time. It’s difficult not to be excited when you see them together.

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That incident begins Anne's harrowingly steep physical and mental decline as Georges attempts to care for her at home as she wishes.

Even as the fruits of their lives and career remain bright, the couple's hopes for some dignity prove a dispiriting struggle even as their daughter enters the conflict.

And as the book progresses, flashbacks reveal Roy has been something worse than a con man in his time...

Searle’s relish in telling his dark tale and his taste for bitter irony will be savoured by anybody who is missing their annual fix of Ruth Rendell.

The film is 127 minutes long and contains only 236 total cuts (including the title card). The film's script doesn't exceed the length of over 60 pages. Michael Haneke Just when I thought Michael Haneke could surprise me no more, he comes along with a film like this.

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Cleveland Thaddeus Wilson, or Murphy, as he has always been called, is a retired schoolteacher, who spends his time using his ministry of music wherever he can. Before that night I went to the Christian bookstore and bought a leather-bound copy of Sarah Young’s Jesus Always. Wilson” on the cover instead of “Lucinda Myers.” I don’t think she noticed it right away. I’m involved in a lot of things, but I felt as though my balance was off.

In addition to leading his own church choir, he often leads workshops for other churches to help build their choir or music department. Anyway, I wrote something to the effect of “may our home have Jesus Always.” And I proposed. How has your church family reacted to your engagement?