Dating 36kg

My blood pressure was constantly in the 160-180 range (The normal is 120).

My glucose level (unsurprisingly) was always over the roof.

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This is going to be a really long post about my story with the weight issues I had.

The New York Times identified her as "the breakout member of the cast".

Polizzi's popularity on the first season of Jersey Shore, which earned her ,000 per episode, now earns her ,000 per episode.

Also, very simple tasks like tying my shoe laces would leave me panting like crazy and gasping for air.

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The network came to light in South Africa in 2008 when five men were arrested for offering an undercover police officer tens of thousands of dollars for three rhino horns.

A year later, Kenya Wildlife Service and customs officers seized 280kg of elephant ivory and 36kg of rhino horn at Nairobi airport.

The shipment was registered to Xaysavang and bound for Laos.

Della Belk, PR and marketing manager at the zoo, said: “We are delighted to welcome our latest addition and, as she made her appearance in front of excited visitors on St George’s Day we unanimously agreed her name should be Georgia.

“Mum Olivia is doing a fantastic job of looking after her and we are looking forward to seeing Georgia out and about this summer.”The youngster, who weighed 36kg when she was born, is a domestic Bactrian camel, a similar breed to the critically endangered wild Bactrian camel.