Updating garmin c330 maps

The serial number is a 8-10 charaters long and contains no spaces or dashes.

Garmin nu Maps Guarantee Get the newest maps available and navigate with confidence with Garmin's nüMaps Guarantee.

Simply connect your new Garmin nüvi, dēzl or zūmo to your computer and visit within 90 days of first acquiring satellites while driving with your device and you'll be able to see if a free map update is available.

** Guarantee applies to one covered Garmin product. You will qualify for the free map update(s) only if you connect your device to your computer and then visit either (i) prior to first using your device, or (ii) within 90 days of first acquiring satellites while driving with your device (the "First Satellite Fix").

Slightly up to date maps would be very nice for a trip like that. I have been unable to locate a step by step guide to do the OSM to Garmin SPIII move. Otherwise, I might create one later if I can pull this off.

@Someone Else: The manual only mentions "data cards" (available, according to the manual, with up to 128 MB) which do not look like SD cards (docs page). In short: to me it seems that "reviving" is possible but only with much manual effort (building small maps) and getting a data card if there is not already one.

Even my ancient GPS was quicker (till it was dropped on the floor and broke...) What speed is your Internet connection?

garmin.for the areas that you're interested in to see how much space your OSM maps will need.We also provide a number of comparison tables making it easier for our customers to compare products from within the same range e.g. To help you choose the best GPS product for your needs, whether that be a car sat nav, a truck sat nav, speed camera detector, handheld GPS device or simply the an accessory or map update, we have trained staff who can help you quickly decide which product best suits your individual needs or to explain in more detail how a product works.Simply e-mail or telephone 08 (Monday to Friday am-5pm, not bank holidays) with any questions or queries you may have about products or how to make your purchase.So, I was browsing around and found mentions that you could use OSM for the SPIII.I would want it to hold the maps for the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK for the trip I am planning on my motorbike to London. I am an absolute noob in this field, but have a good amount of computer experience, so I know my way around.