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For reprint permission, please contact RAINN's vice president for public policy, Rebecca O'Connor, at [email protected] (Rape Abuse and Incest National Network) provides general information that is intended, but not guaranteed, to be correct and up-to-date.Prosecutors allege Yves Joseph Legault met a Marietta, Ga., girl on Omegle, a free and anonymous online text and video chat tool, in July.After moving to another site, it's alleged he asked the teen to perform sexual acts on live video-streaming for him and eventually arranged to travel to Atlanta in order to have sex with her. 11 after flying from Toronto to Atlanta and was indicted by a federal grand jury on Tuesday.And the really bad thing is that including all of these other offenses on such a registry dilutes the power and value of any such registry.The purpose behind such a list was supposedly to alert neighbors to be aware -- but when you expand the list to include all sorts of people who are of no risk at all to children, it takes such a list away from its very purpose.However, the Georgia Supreme Court has said that it's perfectly legal to put non-sex-offenders onto a sexual offender list.Again, no one is saying folks like this shouldn't be punished for their crimes -- but this goes beyond punishment for the crime he committed.

Georgia does not have a comprehensive law that prohibits employment discrimination by private employers in the state.

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The question of registered sex offenders lists is a tricky one -- because for those people who really do commit sexually-driven crimes against minors, it's hard to be even remotely sympathetic to any complaints they have about the punishment they receive.

The problem is that so many things are considered sexual offenses these days that many people are put on the list, and must live with it for life, for something that most people may consider a youthful indiscretion, rather than something that automatically should brand them to neighbors as a possible child molester.