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For this dinner, we are excited to host Hind El Shazali as our guest chef for the evening, who will be preparing a traditional meal.Join us for an evening of food, conversation, and community.That’s why I’m calling for creating fake profiles for the intent to use people for sex to be a crime.

While this practice is probably the least prevalent of the contemporary forms of slavery, still many thousands of people are so enslaved.

It all started in 2006, when Taylor and Harry lamented the lack of a neighborhood kitchenware store.

Last year I was in love with a man I had met online.

Individuals establish a relationship and build trust in their story, they can then chose to make the 'catfish' personal by meeting their victim to pursue a relationship under the premise of their alias.

If this man had 'asked' me for money, he would have committed a criminal offence under the fraud act.