Uli smile cam

Traditionally when patients required a temporary bridge for immediate loading, dentists needed to make an impression or plaster model and bite registration.

After that they sent it to the dental laboratory and waited for one to be made.

It is absolutely amazing to see the soft-tissue response on the immediate placement of a definitive abutment and the ideally shaped provisional.

Especially in healed sites we see fantastic results with a perfectly shaped sulcus six weeks after implant placement.

Read more about our Digital Implant Solutions for all major implant systems and discover Immediate Smile featuring ATLANTIS Abutment, which combines the proven benefits of SIMPLANT guided surgery and the ATLANTIS patient-specific design into a solution that delivers considerable clinical and patient value.

Smile Cam takes photo only when everybody on a camera preview smiles.

The event will be at Ambrose design and print studio in Holland, Michigan on Saturday, June 1st from 6 to 10 p.m.

Matuli artist were inspired by the Arc Project and have donated some pieces for the event.

Simplified and time saving workflow with a fully digital process.This technology translates to high patient comfort and fewer visits.Dental professionals are also smiling because the immediate loading procedure is quicker and easier.The fact that we can take and delete pics so easily is of the most beautiful aspects of the digital age. Udon Thani is without any doubt the biggest sexual playground for Farangs in Isaan.