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This belt also coincides with the porphyry copper metallogenic belt of Iran, which hosts many porphyry Cu-Mo deposits (PCDs) and prospects, such as Sungun (NW Iran) and Sarcheshmeh (central Iran).

The Siah Kamar porphyry Mo deposit (PMD) is the first discovered porphyry molybdenum deposit on this belt, which is located 10 km west of Mianeh (NW Iran), with 39.2 Mt proved reserves @ 539 ppm Mo and 66.4 Mt probable reserves @ 266 ppm Mo.

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The deposit has a grade of 0.06% Mo and a high content of rhenium of 1.4 g/t.

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This signifies the episodic nature of magmatic activities and the related mineralizations along the UDMA and meanwhile, indicates that collision between the Arabian and Iranian plates was dischronous, being earlier in NW Iran and later in SE Iran, which can be resulted from the oblique convergence of these plates.

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