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There has to be a way to support this unless it was engineered obsolescence, Titan Fall does not replace Battlefield 2142 in my opinion and why would I purchase Titanfall if I will not be able to play it years after I have purchased it? Goto Battlefield2142all the information is there from start to finish... I am not sure if you can get the ranks/stats/medals etc back from before. I understand the EA master server is shut down, but I cannot even play the game offline.I receive an "EA Account info cannot be found locally on Machine" error. There is a Community Fix for the shut down Gamespy stats servers..This might explain why stats are not updating for other.anything that has not been updated will have been lost, EA have confirmed that, so all the work over last 3 days on BF2 will be lost. Then I played a couple of full rounds & exited the game. An hour later I go to another map and my rank is private again w/ no kills recording??

I played 1 more match with 80 000 pointstotal missing exp: 160 000here: [battlelog.battlefield.com] [battlelog.battlefield.com]...........Gamespy seems to be having stats accumulation problem and nothing is being recorded, now some have been on some servers, but it's been getting worse and will continue, all server providers are complaining about it now, so thats why it has been confirmed, I believe this has happend before and BF2 had 2 days down time last time it happend.So BEWARE your stats will probebly not be getting recorded, I will post an update when I recieve one from my provider RACKAGE........ If this is your first visit here, please read the Help. You must be registered before you can use all the page's features. There is a major issue going on with EA stat servers at the moment and by the looks of things it's affecting every game so far.Please use the registration form, to register here or read more information about the registration process. When they get their stuff fully working..i'm not the one to even start guessing.