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It was not during some lavish event or vacation where the pair was seen holding hands together in a grocery shop on May 2012.The couple was in a relationship from a few months back and was hiding their affair.Later, it was revealed that the couple had already been dating for five or six months, so they aren't a new couple. Apart from working in the movie Neighbors together, Dave Franco and Alison Brie have also done a sketch for Funny or Die called Dream Girl in 2013. This couple's engagement is what happens when two very private people get together, almost no one notices the engagement and no pictures are released! that his younger brother Dave Franco and Alison Brie were planning on tying the knot "early" this year."I don't know why he said that," Brie said with a big smile (and some blushing) at last night's Sundance Film Festival premiere of her and her fiancé's new comedy . Dave also tried to jokingly dismiss the impromptu announcement. It was a dream come true."For more of straight from Sundance, make sure to watch E!

Their relationship was exposed after they were first discovered by paparazzi.

The couple got married on 13th March in a private ceremony. Online, Dave Franco doesn't want to share the details about his wedding.

He just confirmed that he is married to Alison Brie in a private ceremony.

Picking up shortly after where the previous film left off, finds illusionists and modern day Robin Hoods ‘The Horsemen’ in hiding and on the run, desperately waiting for their next instructions from The Eye (the omnipresent body that governs their every magical move, obvs).

It’s one of those mega budget blockbusters that’s fast paced, full of gags, incredibly cheesy - and impossible not to like.