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At their best when the pace is high and the vocalists display an angsty attitude, both 'Rumor Mill' and closer 'Better Luck Next Time' also lift the quality of the supporting musicians.starting in the UK January 27 to February 16 with Neck Deep and Save Your Breath. They met during the Gimme Summer Ya Love tour (an All Time Low tour). Taylex seemed to end abruptly when Tay said “Trust me, he was a fucking dick,” during one of their shows. Growing up, she was one of the happiest and smartest kids alive, but since her dad left to start a new life, her whole life has gone downhill.

Neither one of them have ever confirmed Taylex, but for some videos of them together click here:

The latter outfit have also pioneered a female-led dynamic, with a number of virtual copycats popping up to cash in.

Quite possibly the most promising of the bunch is New York quintet We Are The In Crowd, who look to target both genders of the genre's predominantly young demographic by employing boy-girl vocals.

Then, the US tour will start February 21 and end April 1 with Candy Hearts Band, William Beckett, Set It Off, and State Champs. Taylex: During Warped Tour 2012, it was rumored Tay and Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low) were dating.

Alex sang on the deluxe version of Kiss Me Again and joined We Are the In Crowd on stage most days of Warped Tour.