Dating your sister

He's Dating Your Sister But Likes You (Requested By Jujubadr) A/N: I'm going to make the default sister's name Chloe because bad at coming up with names (sorry if that's your name) Ashton: You'd been crushing on this guy for who knows how long. "She's out.." You replied and you heard him groan. Before you remembered what attire you were actually wearing, it was too late. " He asked, his head turning to lock eyes with you.

In fact, you've taken an online quiz that stated you may possibly be in love with this guy. "We arranged a movie night tonight here," "she told me she went out with friends," "seriously? You'd opened the door and he was staring with the most condescending smirk at your pyjamas. You simply nodded, unable to come up with a comprehensible response with the way he was staring at you. " "To get over her," he clarified, and then his lips were on yours.

She looks a little bit like my brother's wife but not to the point it turns me off.

I lived with my SIL for 4 years so I don't feel anything for her in that way, her sister is another story though.

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My SIL has a beautiful 20 year old half sister (I'm 25) and TBH I sort of have a crush on her.

There was tension when one of the relationships soured and that led to the dissolution of the second relationship.

Plus I alwys made rude comments about the relationships and the possibilities.

I think whatever understanding you have with your family members should be taken into consideration when dearing to do such a thing, for me...would be tres bizarre. Well, my sister, being the flirt that she is, just decided to curl her freakishly long blond curls, lash her perfectly gorgous blue eyes at him and he was under her spell in a second.

the whole sloppy seconds, keeping it in the family, what if the my sis and her bf had kids then me and bf had kids..... I broke up with him and then he automatically went out with Allie (they both apologised since then, etc...).