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Part 1: Profile pictures Since the entire theory of the app is a classic game of Hot or Not, profile pictures are do or die for every guy on Tinder.

Not that we try to be picky, but if a guy has any of the following profile pictures, he’s just asking to be swiped left.

Every single one of his 56 mutual friends just happen to be all of our freakishly best-looking female Facebook friends.Once you have been gifted the Whatsapp number and you don’t mess it up on the chat front you are almost guaranteed a date.PLEASE SHARE FOR PEOPLE WHO NEED THIS HELPFUL ADVICE!The concept of Tinder is simple: swipe right if you think the suggested match is hot, swipe left if you think he isn't.In a set of very important unwritten Tinder rules, there are four parts to a guy’s profile that we examine before we swipe, creating these 17 deal-breakers that earn an immediate left swipe and send guys into the, “No, thank you” pile.