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Stereoviews were quite popular throughout the Victorian Age, particularly from the 1860s through the 1880s.Consisting of two images side by side, either on glass or pasted onto a sturdy card, stereoviews were meant to be observed through a special viewer, called a stereoscope, that created the effect of a three dimensional image.The stereoscope was invented in 1833, predating the photograph.Cards could be bought at the sites (Niagara Falls for an obvious example, but at a cave entrance, or a train stop with a view of a tree) or at emporiums, which were like book stores that carried stereographs (as they were called back then) gathered from all these different kinds of sites. The bottom card is a later kind of issue, but from the same set of earlier negatives.Most of the views are from my own collection, past or present. Anthony views are usually numbered in the image or on the back label, and are well researched and catalogued. Many are extremely fine, well made, well preserved.