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Earlier today, however, sources close to Kailyn denied that she's dating Hayter, but that hasn't stopped the army of amateur Insta-sleuths from trying to figure out exactly is going on with Lowry's love life. @mjuneallen" So Kailyn was Face Timing with her friend "@mjuneallen" (His IG is private, so we don't know his real name.), and she decided to post a screen shot on Instagram? But this is the Internet, and Kailyn is a reality TV celebrity and a mom, which means every person on the planet feels qualified to criticize her every move.

Their latest clue popped up yesterday in the form of this seemingly innocuous photo: Kailyn captioned the above pic: "He can put a smile on my face no matter what! If you want to ruin your day and think a little bit less of humanity, go read the comments on that photo. "The only one who should put a smile on your face is ur husband," wrote one angry fan. Watch Teen Mom 2 online to relive all of the ups and downs of Kailyn's relationships.

My son’s friend who his buddy called a slut never exchanged more than a dry kiss with any of the three boys she dated in a year. ) Girls will often join in with their male cohorts in calling girls sluts as insults. Maybe because it gives them an excuse not to put out. So what do we do when our children express discomfort, judgment, or even disgust when a girl they know is very liberal with her affection? Second, it can make them think twice about their own choices and motivation. Because the answer, whether they admit it or not, is No. Remember: No subject is taboo, and anonymity is accepted.

Maybe to bond with others by insulting a third party.

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