Collapsiblepanelextender prevents updating

The following piece of code will allow you to have multiple ASP.

NET 2.0 Ajax Collapsible Panel Extender controls on a single page and only one of them will be expanded at a time. You must set the Behavior Id of the Collapsible Panel Extender, that is what the $find javascript function looks for.

The intent of these tutorials is to provide good understanding of Map Reduce.

In addition to these tutorials, we will also cover common issues, Interview questions and How To’s of Map Reduce.

NET AJAX framework that don't use Update Panels at all, and to experiment with alternative ways to use the server to easily generate HTML UI that can be dynamically injected into a page using AJAX.

In the process I created what I think is a pretty useful library that can be used with both ASP.

Puppet is used to automate several routine sysadmin configuration tasks.

Puppet in an enterprise grade configuration management system.

The language allows the description of a server configuration with an abstraction of the resources that an administrator already thinks in: users, groups, packages, files, cron, mount and services, to name a few.It allows you to define the state of your IT infrastructure.Once it is defined, Puppet will automatically enforce the correct state on an on-going basis. Which users should have access to certain machine or group of machines?This model would not scale to large clusters (hundreds or thousands of nodes) if the components were allowed to share data arbitrarily.The communication overhead required to keep the data on the nodes synchronized at all times would prevent the system from performing reliably or efficiently at large scale.