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Where to find the baked goods Oley Valley Organics Organic and Natural Foods, 3071 W. (Route 73), Oley Township, 484-755-4208You can also make orders directly with Sharon Moll, owner of A Mother's Dream Bakery: Facebook: A Mother's Dream; [email protected]; 610-587-8518 Sharon Moll's son, Joshua, was just 1 1/2 when he almost died."We were at a celebration dinner at a restaurant for my older son's last day of kindergarten," said Moll, who lives in Oley Township."There were those machines where you put a quarter in and spin the dial.“Mama Don’t Forget To Pray For Me,” Diamond Rio (1991) – In many families, Mom is the one who provides the strongest moral compass.

Cookies Doughnuts Cupcakes Customized birthday cakes Belgian waffles Pizza dough Hot dog rolls Hamburger buns Macaroni and cheese Note: Dairy-free, corn-free and egg-free options are available for special order.

She parented a daughter who picks the right kind of partner.

“The Hand That Rocks The Cradle,” Glen Campbell with Steve Wariner (1987) – “There ought to be a hall of fame for mamas.” Well, there’s not, but there is this nifty little duet built around the psychologies of birth, breast feeding and teaching life lessons.

Nothing wrong with surface stuff, I'm engaged, you're engaged, we laugh, I cry (I am working on toughening up a bit), it's all good.

We are great at surface stuff like what's going on with the kids, what trips we have planned and what crazy stuff is happening in the world (You might recall, you have to remind me what's going on in the world since I closed my life to newspapers, radio and television years ago. People that I tell the story of my "disconnection" from current events and the news always remark, that I must have a tough time staying up to date on current events.