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Not limited, however, as I was able to purchase the T-Mobile Dash for not-too-much money.Designed by HTC to be a "T-Mobile" branded phone, I have to say that this handset has some seriously impressive staying power.

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In fact, I’ve been a T-Mobile customer for as long as they’ve been active in the United States.

Before that we were with Voicestream , the company that T-Mobile bought out to stake a claim on American soil. In November 2006, however, I waded reluctantly into the Windows Mobile world.

During that time, of course, we’ve had several phones. Not because I wanted a Windows Mobile-based phone, mind you, but because I was beginning to support them in the workplace on a regular basis. Most of our company is on AT&T, but I staunchly demanded to stick with T-Mobile.

An early Handspring PDA with a phone add-on that made me look like I was talking into a pizza box. That being the case, my choices of Windows Mobile-based phones was limited.