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EPG Collector Version 4.1 ========================= Contents ======== 1 Introduction 1.1 Overview 1.2 Application data directory 1.3 Acknowledgements 2 Getting started 2.1 Installing the software 2.2 Standalone collections 2.2.1 Creating standalone collection parameters 2.2.2 Running standalone collections 2.3 The DVBLink plugin 2.3.1 Installing the plugin 2.3.2 Creating plugin collection parameters 2.3.3 Using the plugin 2.3.4 Comparison of output methods 2.3.5 Log files 3 Using EPG Centre 3.1 Creating and changing collection parameters 3.2 Maintaining programme categories 3.2.1 Standard categories 3.2.2 Custom categories 3.2.3 Location of files 3.3 Running a collection 3.4 Searching for EPG data 3.5 Dumping a transport stream 3.6 Analyzing a transport stream 3.7 Other functions 4 The EPG collection process 4.1 Exit codes 4.2 The collection log 4.3 Metadata lookup 5 Using the data 5.1 Using the XMLTV file 5.2 Importing to Windows Media Center 5.2.1 Overview 5.2.2 Configuring Windows Media Center 5.3 Importing to DVBViewer or the Recording Service Appendix 1 Collection parameters Appendix 2 Issues with tuners Appendix 3 Windows Media Center programme categories Appendix 4 DVBLogic programme categories Appendix 5 DVBViewer programme categories Appendix 6 Installation directory structure ======================================================== 1.

Introduction =============== 1.1 Overview ============ EPG Collector is a Windows package for collecting DVB or ATSC EPG data.