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I didnt even like watching his mv "Whos your mama" idk,thats just how i feel. At my church i used to have 50 parents because the older people liked me a lot ( this went on a little into my adult years too). I don't see it as weird or creepy at all since TWICE is so much younger then JYP and because he really is old enough to be their father.As long as he doesn't keep doing this well into their adulthood and when they become seasoned idols, i don't see what the problem is.Tzuyu, Sana, and Junho talked about their head producer, J. but all in honesty i dont like the idea of jyp doing aegyo towards twice hes sooo idk unsettling. The trio were on a recent recording of 'Happy Together 3' together, where the TWICE girls revealed that the choreography to "Signal" had J. I feel like sometimes JYP is actually scared of 2pm because in an interiew he said how 2pm are genuine nice guys who listen well when it comes to music, but the moment jyp tries to give them advice about dating or life, 2pm just become mad and wild and dont listen anymore, lol, typical men in their 20s Sadly i do wish jyp payed attention to all groups!

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Reportedly they are working under the tutelage of the same trainer who trained After School (don’t ask me who the two young girls with bare midriffs in the video are) which makes one wonder what moves they’ll be busting in videos and on stage.

– Loves to eat pizza, but can‘t eat it as much as she wants to because of her diet. – Luna’s ideal type is a man with “brown tinged skin, thick lips, looks good in trainers, straight hair and with fine muscular lines.” Krystal – She was born in San Francisco, California, United States. Entertainment in 2000 while on a family visit to Korea, along with her sister.

– She has participated in several drama OST‘s such as “God of Study“, “Please Marry Me” and “Cinderella‘s Sister“. – Was a host on MTV‘s “The Show” along with Secret‘s Hyosung. – She has an older sister, Jessica (ex member of Girls’ Generation). – She would rather have people call her by her Korean name, Soo Jung, over Krystal.

– Also called hashtag king because he uses a lot of long hashtags. – He used to edit Day6’s own wikipedia and played with members’ nicknames. – Used to be very active on twitter, tweeting hilarious tweets every day. – Hobbies: basketball, watching webtoons, going to restaurants, movies, traveling alone – He appeared in Dream High 1 & 2 as a backup dancer. ”, so Sungjin doesn’t know how to answer) – Good friends with Jinyoung of Got7. – Day6 was originally known as 5LIVE, however, their name had changed by the time Dowoon joined in 2015. – Most of the members find him the cutest among the group. Former members: Junhyuk – Hobbies: GUNPLA (Gundam models), Shopping, Soccer – JYP terminated Junhyuk’s contract because he was dating despite the dating ban.

– Most fluent in English but is not that good in speaking Korean. – Wants to be called Young K but everyone calls him Brian. – He spent Christmas 2016 alone, drinking grape juice while watching cartoons. – He was one of the founding members of 5LIVE, the original name of Day6. – Both he and Young K are secondary vocalists for Day6. – Really likes to cling with Dowoon because he wants a younger brother. – Gets sad seeing Young K going o school regularly while doing the responsibilities of being an idol. – He’d been playing the drums since he was sixteen. – Gets mad at Wonpil for wanting to share the same bed. Note: Please don’t copy-paste the content of this page to other sites/places on the web.