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If you’ve ever ordered a product or commissioned a service over the internet, via email or by phone, then you are doing so under a Distance Selling contract.

The supplier must provide you with specific information related to your rights and their obligations under a distance selling contract.

This ‘pre-contractual’ information should include: identity of the supplier, description of the main characteristics of the product or service, price, delivery costs, arrangements for delivery, performance and payment, cancellation rights, cost of communication (for e.g.

premium rate telephone line), period of validity of offer, information regarding substitute products.

However because you have not been physically face to face with the supplier, these types of purchases are also subject to the Distance Selling Regulations.

If you have met the seller at any point (such as to test drive or agree the sale of a car), or if it is with a shop which doesn’t make a habit of selling in this way, you won’t be covered and should look to Sale of Goods legislation instead.

Nevertheless, the Eritrean National Movement have, ironically, fallen, at a time in its history, victim to two contaminant books and got infected and negatively affected to the core thereby.

The two books, published early at the beginnings of the Eritrean Armed Struggle, succeeded in driving a series of wedges between the components of the movement, and perpetuated discord and fragmentation among them.

The thugs were also seen on camera slapping and punching the girl as well as spitting at her during the sickening attack at around 9pm on Sunday.

- Do not worry, if you threaten her to repeat what she will be silent as a fish!

With good weather forecast Glastonbury 2017 is set to be one of the best festivals in the UK this summer.

Get live Glastonbury 2017 coverage Online | TV | Radio | Apps | Webcam Whether you're a fan or not, the line-up for Glastonbury 2017 includes the likes of Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran.

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