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And in 2010, she began dating the late Michael Clarke Duncan.After The Green Mile actor suffered a heart attack in July 2012, Omarosa tried to save his life by performing CPR.Known to most of her co-workers as a workaholic, she is driven, and a God fearing woman, but she has a few skeletons in her relationship closet that would even reap shivers down anyone’s spine.Caption: Last few picture of Michael Clarke Duncan and Omarosa Manigault back in 2011.Judy Duncan, Michael's sister, tells TMZ she's hired a lawyer to investigate the circumstances surrounding the change to the actor's will in April 2012, making Omarosa the main beneficiary.Judy believes MCD was not of sound mind when he made the changes ...because as early as December 2011, the actor was not himself, slurring words and stumbling around.Judy says her suspicions about Omarosa intensified when MCD was hospitalized following his heart attack ...

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so cross off finding a place and a minister from the to-do list. Beginning from the first when did they start dating and does the celebrity have any history behind her previous love life in the past. Being a pastor means showing a good example to his herd, but since this is a celebrity relationship we can only expect the worst. Omarosa, 42, tweeted on the 28 of July 2016 that she had said yes to the proposal.She was previously engaged to famous actor Michael Clarke Duncan, one of America’s most beloved actor.These two were supposed to get married in 2012 before his death due to a sudden heart attack in July 2012 which left Omarosa devastated.