The cast of internet dating

and Stacey Dash as Dana, a recommitted virgin who begins dating Phil.

Dash's guest appearance reunited her with Donald Faison, they both co-starred together in the film Clueless and the television series of the same name.

Todd Stashwick as Phil's boss, Grant; and Janet Varney as Stuart's ex-wife, Lorna.

Personally I find a real sentence complete with grammar and wit a total turn on.

After the guys tell him what it really is, they unintentionally break it and try to get it fixed before she notices it's gone.

Paul wants to have more alone time with Holly, so he asks the guys to stay away from them.

Let’s face book it, in the cyber age we’re all busy right?

As a successful urban professional I imagine you are spending a large chunk of your working day glued to a computer between meetings.