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Citizens Advice looked at problems reported to its offices in the six months to the end of March which concerned products or services bought through Gumtree and e Bay.

If so, then let the Reading Chronicle make your search that little bit easier.

Last week he found a Shakespeare play on his i Phone internet browser and then copied and pasted it into a text message with just a few presses of a button.

Despite the length of the text, he only has to press 'send' once for each play and his phone then processes them into individual texts.

It got me thinking, 'what can I sent to him' which turned to 'what is a really long book', which ended with me sending him Macbeth." Mr Joseph bought the console and bundle of games from a seller two weeks ago via direct bank transfer - giving him no protection when the seller failed to send the goods or provide a refund.

He complained to the police who said his chances of catching the crook were slim, and Gumtree who said bank transfers were against its terms and conditions.