Creationism and ice core dating

The altitude of the ice is an important factor since the atmosphere cools at an average of 3.6°F per 1,000 feet (6°C per 1,000 m).

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These are mostly theological and logical in nature.

Wieland at first seems to be somewhat aware of that as he continues: In fact, ice cores in Greenland are used for dating, based on the belief that layers containing varying isotope ratios were laid down, somewhat like the rings of a tree, over many tens of thousands of years.

The seekers of the buried aircraft never extracted intact ice core samples and subjected them to the tests used in scientific dating, and ice cores from moving glaciers aren`t used for studying anything but glacial movement.

are added and eventually incorporated into the ice.

Some of these parameters oscillate during the seasons and can be a signature for an annual layer of snowfall.