Computers not updating from wsus best100dating com

KB3159706 introduces this functionality to WSUS for /R2, such that it can now natively decrypt this content.

Initially it auto-detected the machines and they all reported in at least once if not more (several on 5/5, some on 5/7 and one on 5/8).This can be done with the following batch script: For /f %%i in (c:\computers.txt) do (Echo ************************Echo %%i Echo ************************psexec \%%i -h -u domain\username -p password "\domain\netlogon\resetsoftwaredistribution.bat")pause You will need to get a list of all computers from WSUS that are not reporting.As you can not export lists from WSUS Management Console, you will need to install SQL Management Studio and connect to the Windows Internal Database (WID) hosting WSUS - or an external database in the event your not using WID!Windows 10 feature updates (denoted by the “Upgrades” classification in WSUS) are staged in encrypted packages to Windows Update several days prior to the actual go-live date.This is to ensure that we can release to all regions simultaneously.