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The Patriot Guard Riders have been invited for the 4th Annual Welcome Home and Informational Event. To subscribe to receive mission notices, log into the National Site and click on the Mission Tab at the top. Scroll to the state(s) you would like to receive notices for and click on the green check mark. Member of: PGR of MS - PGR of Central Texas Region - VFW (Life Member) - Past Commander (2011-2012) VFW Post 79, Meridian, MS - Past Chairman & former member of the VFW Riders Meridian, MS (2009-2013) - American Legion - MRF - Gun Owners of America - NRA - III% - College Park United Methodist Church - National HOG (Life Member) - Meridian HOG Chapter London, England (Life Member) - I am a Full time biker [45 years]. " This mission has been completed, thank you to those PGR members that helped make this event a suscess, we had 12 bikes and 13 members to honor veterans.

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-- using the UHF frequencies listed in the 3rd Edition of Scannerstuffs Southern California Frequency Directory.) Does anyone have information the Zoos current radio frequencies or know where they can be found?Please join the Erie Zoo and the VA Medical Center to welcome home and to salute our troops. Thank you to the Sheets on Rte 97 for letting us stage in there parking lot.Briefing: PM KSU: PM To: Erie Zoo 423 West 38 Street Erie, PA 16508 https://goo.gl/maps/Afe9r13Eh8q Flag Line: PM As in the past, Veterans Assistance and Advocacy Groups will be on hand to offer assistance and advice at the Zoo from PM to PM. And thanks to the PGR members that took the time too help with this mission, thanks Ken Tenney for your help. Orsotriaena medus cinerea (Nigger) Family : Nymphalidae Subfamily : Nymphalinae 19. Mycalesis visala phamis (Long Brand Bush Brown) 18.