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Not only do I have no "real" responsibilities, I have the supreme fortune to live with three absolutely beautiful women.I came to this lucky state by pure chance, fate dealing me a gift for which I remain truly grateful.

Parents and other significant adults in the child's life should keep in mind the importance of being good role models since this is a time when children are figuring out the world and who they are and how they fit into it. At this age, your child may get involved with more complex social activities and behaviors that help define his or her sense of self.Had I known they were three gorgeous women I would never have applied, being far too intimidated by their looks, even though I certainly would have fantasized about applying.Surprisingly enough, none of my future roommates had any problem whatsoever with the fact that I was a guy and actually thought it might be handy to have a "guy around the house" I knew right then that I must be blessed and moved in right away having lived here with them for almost a year now.At the same time, children this age are learning more about the world at large and are also better able to navigate social relationships with others more independently, with less guidance from parents.At home, 8-year-olds are able to tackle more complicated household chores and take on more responsibility for taking care of themselves, even helping out with younger siblings.