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Some of the advice I offered was specific to her ambitions.

She primarily loved Irish literature, and she faced a choice between (#1) studying Irish literature in the Celtic literature program at Aberdeen or (#2) getting involved in the literature program at a slightly more prestigious graduate program in Glasgow.

In 2005, after being contacted by a second student at Carson-Newman who wanted the "inside scoop" on graduate school and practical tips, I wrote the second letter.

I decided to post this advice online for other English students.

Apply to RSU RSU will open your mind and open doors.

If potential lovers weren't meeting in the classroom, the university needed a better platform for both sexes to interact.

The ensuing discussion was mostly about why this is not a good idea (and some about Dr. I'd made a not very deeply thought out comment about the intrinsic sexism in the situation.

The specifics involved a female grad student dating a male professor (not on her committee) in the department.

There is a perception/fear/reality that a woman entering into such a relationship will be plagued in her future with doubts at every step about whether her accomplishments are her own, or due to who she is partnered with. There is too much of a power relationship in the game. At the other extreme is a grad student dating a faculty member in a different field (possibly at a different university).

There is also the fear, put forth by Potnia, So here's my breakdown of various (idealized) relationships that could be occurring in the post (and a few more cases). I see no problem with this, no matter what the gender distribution.