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Mercian Cycles began as a cycle shop in London Road, Derby in 1946.Shortly afterwards Mercian frames were being built in a small workshop in Castle Street, off London Road.I recently received a really awesome photo/poster, and for the first time in my life, I would rather get it professionally done than go to Target and pick out an onsale frame and do it myself.It's a 40 inch by 14 inch poster, so not standard by any means.Despite its simplicity, for its time, the Cambio Corsa was a masterpiece of engineering.Ridden by: Joop Zoetemelk Raleigh set up a pro road team in 1972 with the express intention of winning the Tour de France.

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Any guesses or ideas about how much I should expect to pay to get this poster framed?He wrote: “You went in through a wicket gate in large double garage type doors.To us, as new enthusiasts, it was entering heaven - when we looked at the club bikes to be seen hanging in the workshop we knew we had to get one. Tom and Ethel always made cyclists of all clubs welcome in their shop, if only for a chat.There were all sorts of equipment hanging on the walls and we used to watch the careful filing of the lugs, to produce attractive designs, before they were assembled and brazed up as frame & forks” This photo was taken outside London Road Mercian shop in 1950, when members of the Mercury Cycling Club met for their run to Whitemeadows’ Youth Hostel. All the railway apprentices who were cycling enthusiasts made their way to the shop in their dinner breaks to ogle at equipment they would have to save up for.Eventually becoming experienced club cyclists and winning racing lads In 1965 a larger purpose-built workshop was built on Pontefract Street, off Ascot Drive, Derby – where craftsmen of Mercian Cycles still hand-build and finish frames today continuing to use the traditional methods to create frames that are recognised worldwide for the quality of workmanship, accuracy of construction and beautiful long lasting finish.